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15-01-2018 | Article

USA istandsætter hangarer på lukket Islandsk base

I 2006 lukkede det amerikanske forsvar Naval Air Station Keflavik i Keflavik-lufthavnen nær...
15-01-2018 | Article

District heating warms cities without fossil fuels

Many cities which endure cold winters are adapting district heating schemes to keep people warm...
11-01-2018 | Article

New publication by: Li D, Li T, Jiang H, Björck S, Seidenkrantz M-S, Zhao M, Knudsen KL

Abstract: The East Asian winter monsoon (EAWM) significantly impacts living conditions in a large...
11-01-2018 | Article

Danmark skal betale og Grønland skal have arbejdspladser ud af oprydning

Når der inden længe sættes gang i oprydningen efter det amerikanske forsvars aktiviteter under...
11-01-2018 | Article

New publication by: Campbell K, Mundy CJ, Belzile C, Delaforge A, Rysgaard S

Abstract: The abundance of diatoms and heterotrophic bacteria in sea ice rapidly increases during...
11-01-2018 | Article

Penge til USA-oprydning ikke bevilget endnu

Grønlands selvstyreformand Kim Kielsen og miljø- og fødevareminister Esben Lunde Larsen underskrev...
11-01-2018 | Article

New publication by: Strobel A, Willmore WG, Sonne C, Dietz R, Letcher, RJ

Abstract: East Greenland is a contamination “hot spot” for long-range transported anthropogenic...
11-01-2018 | Article

Aftale sætter gang i oprydning fra Anden Verdenskrig

Tre såkaldte Bluie-baser og -landingsbaner fra Anden Verdenskrig er blandt de steder på Grønland...
11-01-2018 | Article

US coal is on the up – for now

Before his election President Trump promised a new age of US coal. But so far the industry’s gains...
10-01-2018 | Article

Rigets ledere mødes midt under krise i fællesskabet

Tirsdag og onsdag har Danmarks statsminister Lars Løkke Rasmussen holdt møder med Grønlands...
09-01-2018 | Article

Mere end 1.000 isbjerge i skibsruter i 2017

Risikoen for at et skib støder ind i et isbjerg i Nordatlanten bliver stadig større i takt med at...
09-01-2018 | Article

Carbon dioxide can make useable fuel

With water, light and waste metal, you can turn greenhouse gases into rock. With light, you can...
05-01-2018 | Article

Forsvarsminister løfter sløret for Ruslands arktiske oprustning

Ruslands forsvarsminister Sergei Shoigu løfter sløret for landets planer for militær oprustning i...
05-01-2018 | Article

Norsk domstol tillader arktiske olieboringer

Greenpeace og en norsk miljøorganisation indkasserede et forsmædeligt nederlag torsdag, da byretten...
03-01-2018 | Article

Two Canada Research Chairs (Tier 2) in Oil Spill Science and Sea Ice Modelling Position #25128 and #25130

Two Canada Research Chairs (Tier 2) in Oil Spill Science and Sea Ice Modelling Position #25128 and...
02-01-2018 | Article

Rusland udvider arktiske patruljeflyvninger

Ruslands patruljering af Arktis med fly vil i 2018 dække et langt større område end i 2017, oplyser...
02-01-2018 | Article

FE: Arktis ikke højt på Kinas agenda

Der kommer stadig flere kinesere på deltager- og talerlisterne ved arktiske konferencer rundt...
29-12-2017 | Article

Cheap renewables undercut nuclear power

The technology advances and plunging costs of cheap renewables make base load nuclear power...
27-12-2017 | Article

2 Postdoc positions in Arctic Paleoceanography at the Department of Geoscience, Aarhus University, Denmark

2 Postdoc positions in Arctic Paleoceanography at the Department of Geoscience, Aarhus University,...
China seeking Arctic Resources – The Arctic seeking Resources in ChinaChina’s interest in mineral resources from the Arctic has been the object of wide interest from scholars and policymakers around the Globe. Mineral resources remain largely unexploited and are yet to benefit both China and...


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Title Org. name Type of project
Frost flowers and carbon dynamics in Arctic Greenland Institute of Natural Resources (GINR) Sea ice
Ichtyoplankton and pelagic fish sampling as validation for echoes of EK80 Greenland Institute of Natural Resources (GINR) Marine ecosystems
Microplastics in benthic fauna and sediments in Arctic waters – Part 2 Aarhus University (AU) Marine ecosystems
Marin Basis Zackenberg Aarhus University (AU) Marine ecosystems
NERC Changing Arctic Ocean Cruise JR17006 Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) Marine ecosystems
Title Registration deadline Field of study ECTS points
Introduction to Arctic Geoscience 06 Feb 2018 Natural science 7,5
Introduction to Arctic Ecosystems 06 Feb 2018 Natural science 7,5
Arctic First Aid Course 22 Dec 2017 Other N/A
Arctic System Sciences 15 Mar 2018 Natural science 5